Pharma & Business Development Division (PBDD)

The Pharma & Business Development Division is YIACO’s leading host of pharmaceutical & consumer care companies with a wide range of therapeutic product groups in Pharmaceutical, Consumer Health Care, Animal Health, Crop Protection and Skin Care.  The Division has an extremely efficient infrastructure for ethical promotion and strong marketing of the Health Care and OTC products including the ownership and management of a chain of 31 Retail Pharmacies. They are the major supplier for the MOH, MOD, Private Institutes, Private Hospitals, Mass Market, University and Research Institutes as well as Community Pharmacies.


Over the past few years YIACO has replicated its successful model and established a regional presence within 14 of the Middle East and North African countries.  YIACO is able to offer the marketing, sales, distribution and management of a select number of international research based pharmaceutical companies throughout this emerging region.


Pharma Section


The Pharma Section represents a large number of multinational research-based pharmaceutical and consumer care companies.Pharma’s clear dominance of the pharmaceutical market is due to its strong team of highly experienced managers and staff.  This has played a significant role in the growth of its number of principle portfolios and  most importantly the growth of those portfolios within the market.  Their integration of internal support units for the registration, marketing, sales and distribution of products has enabled them to maintain the market leadership position for the past 50 years.


Animal Health & Crop Protection Section (AHCP)


The AHCP section supplies the local market with veterinary, agriculture and public health products.  With the teams’ extensive experience, strong relationships with key opinion leaders and representation of key international principles within their relevant market segments they have managed to maintain a leading position within their fields.



Skin Care Section


Given the constant consumer need and therefore growth within the Skin Care market, in addition to their skilled application of the marketing, sales and distribution of these products, the Skin Care Section has become a firm favorite for international principles attempting to enter the Kuwait market.  Their focused strategy within pharmacies, spas and dermatology clinics have made them a key partner in the commercialization of international brands with their customers and the end users.


Business Development Section


Business Development Section is considered as a core section as well as an integrated strategy for the entire Division.  Given the current market leadership of the Pharma & Business Development Division within the Kuwait market,and the long term corporate goals and objectives for the Division, the Business Development Section is constantly engaged in the development of strategic growth opportunities with an internal and external focus both locally and regionally.  Potential opportunities and deal structures are constantly under evaluation in order to reach mutually successful business relationships.


Retail Pharmacies Section


YIACO Retail Pharmacies represent the highest percentage of retail pharmacies in Kuwait, providing a wide selection of the highest quality and most advanced pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products to the community.  The chain of more than 30 Pharmacies serve more than 1.2 million customers each year.  Their commitment to the vision, mission and values of the organization is demonstrated through its continual investment in improving the quality of pharmacy care in the State of Kuwait in order to meet international standards of patient care.


Support Units


The success of the Pharma and Business Development Division is supported by 4 integral support units who devote their time to the success of the Division’s trading sections.  The Regulatory Unit is the window to the commercialization of any products in the region and work closely with the MoH in order to ensure that all requirements are met and products are registered swiftly and efficiently.  The Private Unit then takes over in order to accurately forecast and supply inventory to the private market customers with the use of a well developed inventory management system and an inbound and outbound call centre. The internal Tender Unit works closely with the Ministry of Health’s Central Medical Stores in the collation and submission of highly confidential tender documents there by earning them a reputation of performance excellence in achievement of high volumeproduct supply.  Finally the dedicated Clearance & Logistics Unit ensures that stock delivered to the ports of entry are cleared rapidly and delivered to their warehouse facilities for immediate customer access.  The warehouse is the largest pharmaceutical warehouse in Kuwait with MoH approval and meeting WHO, GDP/GSP standards.